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6 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

When you think of your bedroom, you should think of it as your own haven away from the chaos and stress. It should be a room you love to spend time in, and a room that reflects your personal taste more than any other space in the house. If your bedroom brings a sense of dread or feels impossibly dull, it might be time to consider giving it a makeover. Here are six easy changes to make in your bedroom to help give it a new look. 

  1. Choose a playful bedframe

While swapping out your bedroom furniture is a given during a makeover, choosing a new bedframe is one of the most important steps. Oftentimes, our bedframe acts as the anchor of the bedroom. Not only is it connected to the largest piece of furniture in the room, but it also can act as a piece of art. Headboards especially offer a chance to establish the overall style of a space. 

When redesigning your bedroom, use the headboard to dial up the style. Choose a playful design, something with detail or color. Find a headboard that makes a statement and demands to be seen. Find a bed frame that you find utterly delightful, because then, and only then, will you be able to do a bedroom makeover that will stand the test of time. 

  1. Make a Statement with Your NightStands

If you opt for a simpler headboard, make an impact with your bedside tables. While the functionality of a nightstand is undeniable (after all, we all need a place to set our phones while charging), many people continue to miss the opportunity to find unique pieces for the nightstand. Break the mold and choose a piece that has detail, fun colors, or high-tech functionality. This can be your opportunity to source a piece of furniture that will make people stop in their tracks with admiration. Choosing a bold nightstand can help breathe life into your bedroom, while also tying together the entire bedroom. 

  1. Discover Your Green Thumb

There are many surprising benefits to including plants in your bedroom makeover, but we’ll start with the obvious: greenery helps brighten the space. The bold greens of your plants help add the perfect pop of color, without turning too gaudy or loud. Apart from the color, adopting plants will help introduce a natural element to the space, which mixes exceptionally well with woods, leathers, and even metal. Another thing to consider is the fun textures plants introduce to the space. Either spiky ridges or smooth, voluminous leaf shapes, your space will gain new dimension. 

Some of the more surprising benefits include their ability to help naturally reduce stress and boost your mood. Some people even say that plants help people fall asleep easier. They also help improve air quality. So pull on some gardening gloves, buy some soil, and find the quirkiest planters at your nearest Target, because you’re about to acquire a new skill. 

  1. Area Rug

If you want to talk about defining moments, look no further than an area rug. Opting for an area rug can help take your bedroom to the next level. Oftentimes, area rugs create definition for a room by marking the parameters of the space, while offering a unique texture, color, and design. The design itself can act as a piece of artwork. Much like a headboard, the style of your area rug can help strengthen the style of the space, while also helping unite the space by bringing together the different colors you opt to use. 

Apart from style, area rugs help create warmth, especially when placed over hardwood or tiled floors. The soft cushion of the carpet adds a layer of protection against the cold that seeps through the flooring in cold months. 

  1. Mirrors

One of our favorite trends for bedrooms is the introduction of the mirror. While mirrors have always been used, and offer the obvious benefit of allowing homeowners to check their appearance before starting the day, never has there been such an onslaught of popularity decorative mirrors as today. 

Mirrors are now meant to be a statement piece. Often falling on the side of ornately traditional, mirrors are now an absolute must for any bedroom design, whether they’re floor-length, or small wall mirrors. The more detail, the better. 

Apart from design and functionality, mirrors have the added benefit of creating the illusion that your bedroom is bigger. The reflective properties allow for the space to appear expanded and almost endless. They also help improve the lighting, as they can reflect the brightness. 

  1. Paint

Painting your room a new color might just have the biggest impact on your bedroom makeover. While remembering the guiding principle of choosing what you love, do try to consider the way the color will make you feel long term. For example, maybe lime green seems like it would be an electric choice that you’d love forever, but it may get a bit exhausting and overwhelming after a few months… or maybe with that color, a few days. Instead, try to choose subtler, softer colors, like rich blue, soft gray, or pastel pink. If you want to be daring and choose a bright, bold color, consider using it in moderation as an accent wall. 

If you need paint color inspiration, consider checking out Benjamin Moore’s list of trending colors. For example, 2022 has a lot of soft, earthy colors such as greens, creams, and browns. Each of these colors will offer the room a relaxing, peaceful appearance. 

If you would like to avoid color altogether, opting for an eggshell, dove gray, or cream-colored wall will help ensure it stays relevant to design for years to come. It will also offer you freedom if you decide you want to give your bedroom another makeover in a few years. 

With so many ways to upgrade your space, we recommend you get started right away by exploring the HardwoodLuxe shop. Not only do we offer dramatic bedframes and unique nightstands, but we have a selection of jaw-droppingly gorgeous mirrors perfect for giving your bedroom makeover the pop it deserves. 


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