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Tips to Design Your Classic Bedroom Furniture

Our number one rule for buying new bedroom furniture is to stick with what you love. Oftentimes, buyers can feel pressured to purchase the latest trend, or a look that simply doesn’t reflect their style. Unfortunately, the biggest victims of this tend to be those who love classic style furniture. The curved lines, richer woods, and larger size are often missing from furniture showrooms.

That is, until recently. 

The traditional look of classic furniture has steadily increased in trend power. Homeowners are returning to the cozy comfort that classic furniture often creates. They want pieces that help them feel rooted, pieces that help make a statement. Classic furniture lovers rejoice. The only remaining problem is deciding how to style your classic bedroom furniture. Before you dive in, consider these helpful hints and tips for the best approach. 

Befriend Neutral Colors

The biggest complaint classic furniture often faces is the perceived heaviness. Often, these pieces come in an array of rich brown colors. Along with the deep colors, classic furniture pieces tend to be more robust,  which is why designers encourage homeowners to mix those browns with lighter neutrals, such as white, gray, and beige when using classic furniture. The power of the neutral color is undeniable, whether as the bedroom paint color, comforter, or complimentary piece of furniture. Not only will this combined color scheme help you achieve a timeless design throughout your bedroom, but it will provide a much needed levity to the space. These soft neutrals create a light airiness that will make your bedroom feel calm, open, and larger than it is. Using neutrals with your classic style furniture will also help create the perfect canvas for adding a special pop. 

Perfect Your Pop 

While using neutrals with your classic furniture is of the utmost importance, only using neutrals would be incredibly boring. Even though your bedroom is where you sleep, the last thing you want is for your design to be snore inducing. Which is where the pop comes in. When we refer to “pop”, we’re talking about ways to add detail and interest to your bedroom design. Oftentimes, this is accomplished through the use of color, pattern, and texture. 


For color and pattern, choose a color scheme that you adore, and use it as an accent. Great accent pieces to introduce both color and pattern include area rugs, blankets, pillows, and artwork. Another great way to add pop is through a complimentary piece of furniture. While looking for a piece that provides balance, also look for a unique piece that has color or pattern (or maybe both!). These pieces will help draw the eye and detract from the heaviness. Popular bedroom furniture items that people buy with color or pattern often include chairs, bedside tables, or love seats. 

When considering textures to add, think about the theme of the room and think about what textured materials would work well. For example, leather enhances both traditional interiors as well as contemporary modern spaces. Other textures that could help add contrast and interest include raw wood, rattan, and wool. We also love seeing texture through the inclusion of house plants, curtains, and textiles like throw pillows and blankets. 

Scale and Proportion are Paramount

Regardless of which style of furniture you put into your bedroom, one of the cardinal rules of design is to pay attention to scale and proportion. Try to alway pair the heavy items with lighter ones. For example, say you choose a thick bed frame in the classic style. Your goal should be to find a lighter dresser with straight lines, or even thinner bedside tables. If you have a smaller room, try not to cram in too many large items, as it will overwhelm the space. At the same time, utilizing too many simple items creates a barren emptiness. Visualizing each piece of bedroom furniture’s scale and size will help you not only create the perfect balance, but a nice level of contrast that will give your bedroom design a little power. 

In the end, when you buy what you love for your bedroom furniture, you should also be thinking about the investment you’re making for the future. Classic furniture can become the perfect base for whatever new life your bedroom will take in the years to come. When we buy classic furniture with the understanding that it is a foundation, we can tweak the space around it to help it remain timeless, while still feeling current. If you would like to explore classic furniture styles for your bedroom design, visit our showroom or explore our online selection. 


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