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7 Bedroom Trends To be On the Lookout For

While we often encourage furniture buyers to consider timeless furniture pieces, we can’t help but obsess over the latest home design trends. From the explosion of color and enchanting botanical patterns, to surprising vintage style reappearing, the latest trends have not disappointed in creating a cozy bedroom perfect to wind down in at the end of a long day. 

1. Sage Green

With the recent announcement of Sherwin Williams 2022 color of the year, it’s no surprise that we will be seeing sage green pop up in many spaces, the bedroom being no exception. This shade of green offers the perfect calming sensation for a space meant to be your oasis in life. The subtlety of the color is perfect for mixing with bolder furniture pieces, whether in the classic style or contemporary style. 

2. Dramatic Beds

The first piece of furniture people associate with a bedroom is, well, a bed… the word is in the name afterall. Despite previous minimalist looks, the current trend is to make the bed the focal point of design through grand details. For some, this looks like a headboard that nearly touches the ceiling. For others, it encourages a return to the four-post bed. Headboards are increasingly becoming pieces of art, whether through tufted fabric, or hand-crafted carvings. The bigger, the better. This lends room for many classic style bed frames to be considered trendy. 

3. Mixing and Matching

After the experience of quarantine, many homeowners turned to a style that creates a “lived-in” look, often achieved by mixing and matching furniture styles. This pieced together look offers comfort, coziness, and an emphasis on personal style, compared to other, sometimes sterile styles. To perfect the lived in look, people are opting for warmer tones, vintage or antique looking furniture, and artist approved color combinations. While it can be challenging to learn the trick of mixing and matching, remember that the end goal is balance and contrast. Just enough contrast to add interest and intrigue, while avoiding the pitfall of becoming disastrously distracting. Gone are the days of matching furniture sets.

4. Pattern Play

A common thread in many recent bedroom design trends is an attempt to liven up design. Monochromatic elegance has its place, but the masses are clamoring for unique, personal, and fun designs. Which is why it is no surprise that pattern is one of this year’s biggest trends. Floral and botanical prints continue in popularity, especially through the use of easily removable stick-on wallpaper. Timeless patterns, such as plaid and stripes have been steadfast in their appeal. Meanwhile vintage patterns, such as rhombuses and other mid-century modern designs are having a revival season. Regardless of the pattern you choose, remember to not overwhelm your bedroom, but rather use it as an accent on items like comforters, pillows, or decor. 

5. Wall Sconce Lighting

Add bedside lamps to the list of fast-fading trends. With these lamps gone, you may be wondering how homeowners create accessible, softer lighting by their beds? Look to walls for your answer: wall sconce lighting is all the rage. Not only does it help cleanup the bedside table, but adding a wall sconce light can help emphasize the homeowner’s personal style with the various styles available. This lighting still offers the functionality of bedside lamps, but with a simpler look. 

6. Playful Colors

While neutrals will always have a role in bedroom design, especially when using classic style furniture, homeowners are starting to wake-up to the delights of color. From punchy navy blues, to delicate soft pinks, bedrooms are starting to be dressed in an array of colors. If you’re looking for a bold, masculine design, consider trying one of the trandier jewel tones and dark colors such as emerald green and navy blue. For those looking for a boho-chic or glamorous farmhouse style, stick to the pastel pinks and blues to help create a much desired airiness to the space. 

7. Rattans and Wicker

A trend that may be surprising for some is the return of the rattan. With earthier, retro styles taking over home design, we’ve seen a strong re-emergence of both rattan and wicker objects, including everything from chairs, desks, and accessories. This style harkens to the recent explosion of natural materials such as raw wood, stone, and leather. Even though this trend may bring you back to the 1970’s, today’s offering includes refined pieces with a contemporary spin. This means cleaner lines, less bulk, and fun accent details. 

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