Things to Know Before Buying Your Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is meant to be an oasis, and the furniture in it should reflect that. Yet, shopping for bedroom furniture can be a stressful and overwhelming process. With countless styles to choose from and endless stores to shop from, it can be hard to determine where and what to buy, especially if you’ve never bought a bedroom set before. 

For our customers, we always encourage them to consider and determine a few things before making their final decisions: space, purpose, budget, quality, and style.

Measure Once, Measure Twice

The most important step before you buy any bedroom furniture is to measure the dimensions of the room. From these measurements you can determine the right size furniture to purchase. For example, if you have a smaller bedroom, you may not be able to buy a 5 piece set of furniture. You also may have to choose a queen size bed instead of the king size you had been eyeing.

After measuring your space, try to make a general floor plan for your new pieces of furniture. Not only will this help determine if everything will fit, but it will give you an idea of the limitations your furniture may have. For example, if the bed is in front of a window, you’d need to consider a bed frame with a shorter headboard.

Finally, once you’re at the store purchasing furniture, don’t cheat your measurements. Even if you fall in love with a piece of furniture that has a few more inches to it, walk away. Expanding by even a few inches can make your room feel cramped and cluttered if there is not enough space.

Determine Your Furniture’s Purpose

What does your new furniture need to accomplish? For most people, they’re looking for storage solutions. If you have a smaller closet or a growing collection of clothes that doesn’t quite fit your walk-in closet, you should consider purchasing an armoire. Some families also use armoires to store linens and blankets. For folded items such as t-shirts and sweatpants, think about adding a dresser. Many couples like to have a lamp next to their bed and a place to set their charging phones, often making a bedside table a must. Ultimately, considering what you need your furniture for will help determine your must-have pieces.

Budget and Quality

Determining a budget for your furniture is of the utmost importance. Not only will this help prevent you from having buyers remorse, but it will protect you from overspending when the funds simply aren’t there. Additionally, to avoid experiencing sticker shock, do an adequate amount of research to see what average prices are for the type of furniture you’re looking to buy. 


That being said, expanding your budget to allow for high quality furniture should be considered. Furniture, especially for a bedroom, is one of the best investments you can make. When you buy the right furniture, it can last you a lifetime. Often, people opt for fast furniture, furniture bought at box stores, because of the price tag. Unfortunately, that furniture often chips, breaks, or becomes unstable as time goes on because lower grad materials are used, not to mention there is a certain lack of craftsmanship. Over time, buyers spend more on replacing furniture that continuously falls apart. The solution: save up and budget for quality. 

Determine Your Style

Perhaps the most exciting part of buying new bedroom furniture is deciding the look of your space. A bedroom redesign is a blank canvas; it is an opportunity to make a statement about who you are. It needs to be a look that brings you joy, comfort, and peace. This room is your single greatest escape from the chaos of life. With all that in mind, it can be hard to know where to start.

We recommend that you start by visiting websites like Pinterest and Houzz. Both have a plethora of design ideas, including layouts, color pallets, and overall style types. While looking, you will probably fall in one of two camps: Classic or Modern.

Classic furniture tends to be more traditional. This means more detail and darker wood. It provides a level of richness and depth that is sometimes lacking in modern furniture. Meanwhile, Modern furniture offers clean lines, and a lighter color scheme. This often helps a bedroom achieve a light airness in contrast to the perceived heaviness of classic furniture. There is no right or wrong style, it simply depends on the homeowner’s taste. 

Once you gather your measurements, consider what purpose your space needs to serve, determine a budget that is friendly for the quality you deserve, and define your style, you’re ready to buy your bedroom furniture. Visit the HardwoodLuxe showroom to see our latest bedroom sets, including classic and modern pieces.

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