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Modern vs. Contemporary Furniture Styles

The line between modern and contemporary furniture styles is so thin that the two terms are often used interchangeably. Although there are similarities between these two styles, they are two distinct styles. Hardwood Luxe explores the differences between modern and contemporary furniture styles to guide you in making an informed decision in your search. At Hardwood Luxe, there is a wide range of luxury contemporary and modern furniture to guide your search.

Characteristics of Contemporary Furniture and Modern Furniture

Contemporary furniture includes characteristics such as gentle curves and hard edges, minimal ornamentation. The design also uses solid fabrics and the materials used are often natural, such as stainless steel, glass, and wood. In some cases, the design might have modest geometric patterns. Moreover, contemporary furniture exhibit splashes of vivid colors, especially in accessories such as throw pillows.

On the other hand, modern furniture designs include characteristics such as clean and straight lines, smooth surfaces, and minimalism. The design emphasizes the use of warm neutral colors, which can be accented with splashes of vivid hues. The most common materials used in modern styles include metals and wood.

Contemporary vs. Modern Furniture

Contemporary furniture refers to the currently popular designs. Therefore, it is highly dynamic and fluid since it varies according to the popular trends of the day, which implies that contemporary designs change according to time. Often, contemporary furniture borrows from previous eras and creates a blend to give a minimalist look. The current contemporary furniture, for example, borrows largely from the Mid-Century modern design.

On the other hand, modern style differs from contemporary design in that it refers to a distinct style rather than being dynamic. It is a pre-Industrial Revolution-style inspired by the early-to-mid-twentieth century. Therefore, the main difference between the two styles lies in the great flexibility of the contemporary style and the static nature of the modern style.

Some of the characteristics of modern furniture include simplicity and minimalism, giving a clean and sleek look. In contrast, contemporary furniture borrows from post-modernism and art deco, which implies an air of boldness and flair rather than minimalism. Nevertheless, the contemporary style also includes simplicity and clean lines, just like the modern style.

Contemporary and modern furniture differ in terms of the use of lines. In this sense, modern styles rely on straight lines while contemporary styles incorporate lines and curves. The use of color is also an area of difference, whereby the contemporary style prefers bold colors.

Therefore, it is clear that the two styles are distinct, despite the similarities they share. Whether you are intending to remodel your space or furnish your new home, understanding the differences between the different styles is crucial in enhancing your choices and ensuring you make informed decisions.

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