TOP 8 Tips on How to Care for Carved Wood Furniture

Carved Wood Furniture

Furniture made of naturally carved wood pieces can serve their owner for a long time, the main thing is proper care. Hardwood Luxe news the secret of extending the life of wood pieces and is ready  to share some basic care tips with you!

  1. Wipe off dust daily with a damp and dry cloth. Give preference to suede or other soft fabric that does not leave streaks on the surface, ideally removing dirt. Use a brush for tough dirt.
  2. Do not put hot dishes or household appliances on a wooden surface. Wood does not like high temperatures and deforms under their influence. This also applies to the close “neighborhood” with heating devices. If possible, shield the wood from direct sunlight.
  3. Protect wooden items from mechanical stress and tighten the metal joints (if any) at least once a year in order to keep all the elements together.
  4. Treat the wooden surface with wax, burdock oil or vinegar. This will renew the color and protect from stains. Fingerprints can be easily removed with specialized products free of ammonia, solvents or silicones.
  5. If there are scratches on the wood, “mask” them with a special pen. The product should match the color of the wood and be applied to a dry, clean surface. Alternatively, use folk remedies, like walnuts. The surface can be rubbed with the core, then polished with a rag.
  6. Wood does not like moisture, so spilled liquids should be wiped up immediately. We do not recommend placing bottles from the refrigerator on a wooden surface. When heated, condensate flows down, forming spots.
  7. To remove traces of wine, tea or coffee, clean the stain with dish detergent, rinse and wipe dry. Wax drops from the candle can be removed with a hot knife and a rag.

Still wondering whether to buy carved wooden furniture, because it requires special care? Take a look at our catalog and be convinced of the originality and quality of such a piece of furniture!

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